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Luminous Stars Centre

Luminous Stars project (Al-Anjom Alzahera)

Al-Ayn Association has  a “ongoing charity” scheme  in which donations that are paid, are used to start projects that will return benefits continuously. These projects are constructed over a land that is endowed through the Grand Marjia in Najaf represented by the grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Al-Husseini Al-Sistani which are managed by the foundation to use the profits in helping the orphans registered in the foundation.

The Luminous Stars Centre is Al-Ayn’s most recent Sadaqa Jariya Project, and is being built on land adjacent to Al-Ayn (Iraq)’s headquarters in Al-Kadhimiyah.

The project aims to light a beacon of hope for the orphans by providing them with an opportunity to achieve their aspirations, developing them to become luminous stars. The project has two main sections

1- Psychological Rehabilitation Centre

Due to terrorism they have witnessed and trauma they have been through, many orphans face psychological conditions that need urgent attention. This centre aims to provide psychological rehabilitation, through innovative methods such as play therapy. This will build on the positive experience of the current psychological rehabilitation centre in the Headquarters.

2- Vocational Training Centre

The main aim of this centre is to provide vocational training to orphans who have not completed their education, enabling them to learn a vocation that will sustain them, and improve the living standards of their family. The centre will also give an opportunity to train orphans who are still studying, during the school holidays.

Al-Ayn will take the responsibility of finding suitable jobs for the graduates of these workshops. Where needed, it will provide the graduates with a loan to support them find a suitable job.

The Vocational Training Centre consists of two types of workshops,

1- Academic and Educational Workshops:

including halls for lectures, and workshops to teach life-skills, management skills, English and so on.

2- Vocational Workshops to teach specific jobs

Trainees will be encouraged to participate and excel through a small stipend, either based on lectures attended or a daily basis. Those who excel in the workshops will be rewarded accordingly. Upon completion of the workshop, the trainee will be given a certificate authenticated by the official bodies in Iraq.

The types of vocational workshops offered will be based on market need, and re-evaluated regularly. The workshops could provisionally include:

Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Computer Programming, Computer Repairs, Cookery, Mobile and smart devices repairs, Nursing, Hairdressing, Sewing, Aluminium, Electrical, Plumbing, Photography and Photoshop, Handcrafts, Interior Design and more.

The project has 300,000 shares with only AU$30 a share, if you wish to participate in this Sadaqa Jaria please contact us.