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Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation (AU) works in collaboration with Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation (Iraq);
an independent charitable humanitarian organisation, primarily aimed at providing for the needs of orphans in Iraq and their families. Since its establishment in 2006, Al-Ayn (Iraq) has been supporting and sponsoring orphans, and providing care for them in all aspects of their needs (physical sustenance, medical and dental care, educational attainment, psychological care etc.).

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation was established for the following purposes:

To document all orphans and families of the victims of war and terrorism, as well as those dying of natural causes and provide them with sponsorship and care.
Supporting displaced families, and providing them with relief and basic necessities.

To advocate with the government, local and international humanitarian organisations, and philanthropists to take on the responsibility of caring for orphans and their families.
To provide financial, medical, educational, and social assistance to the orphans and their families to redress their needs and to minimise the social and financial gap between them and the rest of society.
To expand the reach of the organisation to reach all provinces of Iraq so as to reach the largest number of orphans and families of the victims of terrorism.
To organise psychological rehabilitation programmes for the orphans, and to provide a suitable environment for them to grow up.

To provide vocational training to orphans who are unable to progress in their education such that they develop skills enabling them to practice an honourable trade and earn a decent living, becoming self-sufficient.

The number of orphans registered with the Foundation till July 2016 was 40,350 orphans. Of this number 16,572 of them are privately sponsored and another 18,276 supported by general funds.

Al-Ayn (AU) is registered in Australia INC1600694-ks).

Al-Ayn (Iraq) is registered at the General Secretariat of the Cabinet NGO Assistance Office, Baghdad, Iraq; certificate number: 1Z 71970, with 19 branches all over Iraq and have been granted nonprofit status by the Iraqi government.

Al-Ayn has received Consultative Status from the United Nations.

Al-Ayn is also registered in the United States, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway.
Al-Ayn has the support of Ayatollah Al-Sayyed Ali Al-Hussaini Al-Sistani (ha), and his permission to receive religious dues (khoms) and Sadaqa to spend on the orphans.