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Read, why (Jafar) tried to commit suicide after the death of his father in the Karrada blast!

As part of the series of surveys carried out by the Rehabilitation and Counseling Center at Al-Ayn Foundation for the treatment and rehabilitation of orphans, the Center recorded a case of attempted suicide committed by the orphan (Jafar), whose father was killed by the terrorist explosion in the Karrada district of Baghdad, the orphan suffered from irritability, nervousness, depression, sadness and inwardness.

Jafar, who lost the love of his father at nine years old attempted suicide by hanging himself in his primary school, which almost cost him his life if not for the report received by the school administration by his colleague to save him.

Specialists in the rehabilitation center in the Al-Ayn Foundation attributed this attempt to the psychological state experienced by the orphan after the loss of his father and the frequent circulation of the details of the explosion and the death of the his older brother in front of his eyes, which led to the decline of the level of study and containment in addition to the registration of psychological factors helped to exacerbate the crisis added to the neglect of his mother to him because of the severity of her grief for her older her son and her husband, making him gain a sense of negativity. The dedicated social researcher takes it upon himself to undertake psychological data collection and reduction of their causes through psychological sessions and follow-up treatment programs with his mother and notes the extent of interest for the application of the program in addition to the use of motivational techniques and individual follow-up visits to investigate the latest developments experienced by the orphan.

The Rehabilitation Center in Al Ayn Foundation registers and addresses a large number of psychiatric cases with the orphans whom in some cases have committed suicide , the center seeks to develop its potential in the coming months through the preparation of an integrated program for the establishment of rehabilitation and counseling centers throughout Iraq.

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