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Hikayati: My Story


Hikayati: My Story
Centre for Personal Development, Education and Recreation

What is Hikayati?

Hikayati is a state of the art centre being built in Najaf for personal development, education & recreation, aimed at empowering children to fulfil their potential, and achieve self-actualisation.


Main Aims of the Project

  • Providing orphaned children with a sense of security and belonging in society.
  • Building self-confidence, and nourishing talents and skills.
  • Supporting children in their transition to adulthood.
  • Protecting children from neglect and abuse.

Programmes and Activities

  • Residential camps
  • Workshops and Courses
  • After school clubs
  • Mother and child sessions
  • Recreational Activities
  • Parenting courses


Project Specifications

  • 1,350 square metres in Najaf (Al-Adala Neighbourhood)
  • Built over seven floors
  • Child-friendly design, with a books theme
  • Expected construction period: two and a half years


Contributing to the Project

You can contribute to the project in the following ways:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Account Name: Al-Ayn Social Care Association

Account Number: 1109 6641

BSB Number: 062-202


For more information: E: – T:0287297014

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